with Julie Fallon, Andrea Boy and Marcin Baranski

28th - 30th of June in Klausdorf near Stralsund

Short history of the Strandkurs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

First Strandkurs (Beach Course) has taken place in 2009 at a place discovered by a small buddhist group in the wild north-western part of Germany. The activity is carried on by many motivated friends from Germany and Poland, and the event is joined in a family atmosphere by friends from many regions.

We are fascinated by the idyllic landsape of the west pomerania, the sea, and want to make the place available to others too.

It is always an intensive time with very deep teachings, a lot of time for meditation and possibility to clarify one's own questions.


The course takes place during a weekend. You can come on Thursday, and leave on Monday after breakfast. We are also very happy if you can join building up and dismantling the course, as it is faster and more joyful when more people help.

Please let us know when you'll arrive, and when you want to leave. The course has to be payed in full, and we don't have the possibility to offer the lectures or food separately.

The course will be held in English with tranlations into German and Polish. Upon Lama Ole's wish, we have invited our friends from Denmark and Poland to teach and organize the course. Please take an FM radio with you if you need a translation!

Friday, June 28th, 20:00 - Lecture

Saturday, June 29th, 10:00 - Ngondro Explanations
Saturday, June 29th, 15:00 - Lecture
Saturday, June 29th, 19:00 - Big Panel with all traveling teachers
Saturday, June 29th, 22:00 - Party

Sunday, June 30th, 11:00 - Questions and Answers


The price includes lectures, camping, and food.

When registering, please tell us when you'll arrive and leave. If you will not be able to stay full day, we will discount for the time that you can not spend with us.

The Low Budget price is for friends who would not be able to take part in the course if they had to pay in full.

Lectures for children until 18 y.o. are free.

Important Notes!

We can only accept cash, and the next ATM is 4 km away. So please take enough money with you.


Daily price Normal price 2nd Parent /
Low Budget
Thursday 5,00 € 4,50 €
Friday 24,00 € 18,50 €
Saturday 42,00 € 28,50 €
Sunday 24,00 € 18,50 €
Monday 5,00 € 4,50 €
Friday Evening - Sunday Afternoon 75,00 € 52,00 €
Thursday - Monday 100,00 € 74,50 €

Kids (4 y.o. and older)

Daily price Portion for the kids
Thursday 2,50 €
Friday 8,50 €
Saturday 8,50 €
Sunday 8,50 €
Monday 3,50 €
Friday Evening - Sunday Afternoon 17,00 €
Thursday - Monday 31,50 €

Food, Childcare, Camping, and other information

will come shortly...


Prohner Straße 20
18445 Klausdorf

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